Largest Democracy in the World

Largest Democracy in the World

Sunday, August 16, 2009


An organization that stands up against Injustice, Corruption & Terrorism

OBJECTIVE: To offer a platform to the youth of the 28 states of India as well as the NGO’s across the country to come together as ONE. No Religion, No Casteism & No Regionalism.


Born and brought up in Churchgate, Bombay, Amit Lall was a common businessman, all of 37 years old, leading a common life, with only the thought of earning a decent living in life, with a few luxuries thrown in now and then…until November 26, 2009 when the terrorists’ attack in Mumbai shook his world.


On November 26, 2008, Amit’s mother was travelling to Allahabad from CST station and the train left at 9:35pm. The terrorists attacked at 9:40pm. Needless to say, it was a very narrow escape from the carnage that ensued. This obviously shook him to the core. Amit has been a regular visitor to the Taj and Trident Hotels. The loss of so many lives disturbed him. He put aside his family and business and decided to take on a mission for the good of the country hoping that this would bring about some change in the fear psychosis of the people in general.

What followed was a “Drive for Peace & Unity” around the periphery of India along the coast and the borders in his car alone. He traversed approximately 20,400 kms. and covered 28 states in 118 days. His mission had a two-fold purpose; one, saluting the Armed Forces and its brave soldiers who are guarding and protecting our country, as well as the NSG commandos who came to our rescue – these people who sacrifice their lives to ensure we are safe in our homes with our families. His second aim was to spread the message of unity and peace amongst the people of each state, and motivating the youth to participate in the running of the country. He commenced this drive on January 26, 2009 from The Gateway of India and successfully completed the same on May 23, 2009.

Somewhere down the line, along Amit’s drive, he thought the best way of uniting the country was by merging the people of all the states on to a single platform having a universal goal – that of the unity of our country. This thought gave birth to “United Force of India” – the common platform for all energies to culminate and grow.


Youth Network: The United Force of India strives to get the youth of all 28 states of India and also the NRI’s living abroad together on one platform and help them network together for the betterment of our Country. This will help in the people knowing each other and working together to set up new industry and businesses to help employment in our Country and economic growth. This will also be a platform for the youth to express their feelings for the Country and to participate in the politics and policy making of the Country and to make India the Democratic Country that she is supposed to be.

NGO Network: The United Force of India’s objective is to also get NGO’s of all 28 states on the same platform and cause awareness of their presence across the Country. Be the force to help them gain Pan India presence. There are small NGO’s in each state, we at The United Force of India will identify people of different states to take an NGO of a particular state and help set it up in their state replicating the working of the NGO in the state that it is originally from. For e.g. NYK (Nehru Yuva Kendra) is an NGO present in the 8 states of the Northeast which is platform for promoting the talent of the youth, but not present in the remaining 20 states of India. We will identify people in Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, etc. and replicate the model of the NYK in these states. This will bring about unity in the people of the various states and also do away with religion, Castism & Regionalism. NYK is presently run by Sikkimese, Nagas, and Mizos etc. who are Christians & Buddhists in the Northeast with Mongolian features. We will duplicate this model in the other states where NYK will run by Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs etc., in western, northern & southern India. They will interact on a regular basis and this will bridge the gap between states, regions, religions, castes, color, physical features in appearance etc. They will all follow “Humanity” and help each other as fellow INDIANS.

Result: This will result in people knowing other people in each state of India. This will help the people come together and share their culture. This will bring love for fellow Indians. This will result in unity of the Country and each Indian will feel that the other 27 states are also part of them and thus do things for those states as they would do for their own state. This would result in fighting corruption, injustice, poverty & terrorism. This would awaken the dormant patriotism in each Indian. We would speak up for our rights and this would Unite INDIA and Indians and our Country would be the INDIA that we had envisioned to be after our Independence.


We have to bring about the change in our Country ourselves. We have to contribute to the growth and development and put a stop to the corruption and injustice and dictatorship. We must have the right to speak up and have the courage to fight for our rights as Indian citizens.


15th August is our Independence Day. This day is just another holiday for every Indian with no significance. Please understand. DO NOT TAKE YOUR FREEDOM FOR GRANTED. If there was no Independence Day, we would not be able to celebrate festivals like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid and all the various festivals of India that we celebrate in such a big way, so much so, that if we were slaves, we would not even be able to celebrate our birthdays and have the freedom to party with our friends and family the way we do. The same clubs we go to and party and enjoy our freedom today are the same clubs at the time of British rule where sign boards were put up saying “Dogs & Indians not allowed”. So, please honor and respect the Freedom Fighters who shed their blood and gave their lives, and because of whom we got our Independence and VALUE & APPRECIATE our Independence and don’t take it for granted. Celebrate 15th August as the biggest day for India & for every Indian.

Questions: Ask your self these questions…

1.) Mahatma Gandhi “Bapu” – the father of our nation. We celebrate 2nd October, but do we follow in his footsteps and teachings? How many states in India follow “Ahimsa” or Non – violence? We are killing each other and fighting amongst our selves and making the same mistake we made 200 years ago. The British took advantage of this and conquered us by using the “Divide & Rule” policy. It’s sad that we haven’t learnt from our past mistakes and have divided ourselves again and made it easier for the terrorists and negative elements to break us and for other Countries to invade us since we are not united as a Nation.

2.) India is a secular Country – Are we tolerant of all religions? Do Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs & Christians live together in peace & harmony? We must stop these communal riots and killing in the name of religion. “God Made Man – Man made Religion”. No Religion teaches violence, killing and harm to fellow human beings. Be it Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism or Buddhism. We are human beings first and then Indians. This is all that is important to co-exist in society and to bring unity in our Country.

Always Remember:

The states of India make one Country. All united together makes one Nation. Each state is part of the Mother – India. Respect your motherland and love each state and the people of each state equally irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region etc. as you would love your brothers and sisters.

No Jai Maharashtra or Jai Karnataka only JAI HIND…

We can lose our lives. But we cannot lose our freedom!


The Manifesto and its Implementation

1.) Food, Clothing & Shelter for every Indian - Focus to start getting beggars off the streets - Working on orphanages, old age homes for their food, clothing & shelter & jobs for homeless.


a.) To identify orphanages, shelters, old age homes and ensure they have complete facilities. If not, start providing them with the required facilities like food, clothing, beds, hygienic living conditions and other basic necessities.

b.) To build more if the existing ones are full.

c.) To start training centers to help them learn skills to get jobs. For e.g. driving, carpentry, electrical knowledge, painting, etc…

d.) To take the beggars off the streets and convince them to start living in the provided facilities and motivate them to start taking training to be skilled so they can get jobs.

Volunteers: School & College students

2.) Education for every Indian - Working with NGO's who build schools.


a.) To identify NGO’s and government organizations that build schools and colleges and ensure they have complete facilities. If not, start providing them with the required facilities like blackboards, chairs, tables, books, computers, etc…

b.) To get good teachers and ensure their salaries are paid on time.

c.) To build more if the existing ones are full.

d.) To start motivating the children to study and go to school and college regularly in order to graduate and have a good future.

Volunteers: School & College students

3.) Fighting Corruption & Injustice - Working with various NGO's and Anti Corruption Bureaus across India. Getting accountability from Politicians, Bureaucrats, Police and other Government servants of our Country


a.) Identify the NGO’s and anti corruption bureaus in each state.

b.) Identify volunteers and make a team of people and allot each team a particular agenda. For e.g. one team on bribery issues, one team on extortion issues, one team on violence and terrorist issues, etc.

c.) Ensure the team does a good job and brings the criminals to justice and protects and supports the victims.

d.) Get lawyers to volunteer to fight cases for free where people cannot afford it.

e.) Work closely with the Police, ATS and other security and armed forces and provide them with information to do their duty.

Volunteers: Local people of the state, preferably adults with a past experience like retired police, army etc.

4.) Development of Northeast India & Jammu & Kashmir - Focus on raising funds and approaching businessmen to start investing in Industry and bring employment and development in Northeast & J&K - and do away with unemployment and insurgency / terrorist / militant problems


a.) To identify land in the various Northeastern states & J&K to start factories.

b.) To identify the natural resources of each state, for which factories will be made and these products will be sold to local and international markets. For e.g. Bamboo products in Arunachal Pradesh, Orchids and other flowers in Sikkim, Oranges, Pineapples & chilly in Nagaland & Manipur, In J&K - Apple & dry – Fruits in Kashmir and eco friendly bags in Jammu since plastic bags are banned…Jammu Basmati rice, etc.

c.) Ensure proper working facilities in these factories for the local people to be eager to join and help employment problems.

d.) Co-ordinate with the respective Government department to help development of infrastructure, roads, railways, transportation and communication etc.

Volunteers: Local people of the state

5.) Raising funds for Army widows / injured soldiers / Army children & after retirement help for the armed forces.


a.) Identify organizations already existent for this cause.

b.) Join hands with them and help them with whatever help they require in terms of facilities and funds.

c.) Meet the widows / injured soldiers etc. who have been promised compensation by the government but have still not received it and then pressurize and follow up with the government to pay their dues.

d.) Help the widows / injured soldiers / retired officers get jobs and work for their lively hood.

Volunteers: School & College students

6.) (Right to Information) RTI Act - get details of various schemes the government has made and has put aside funds but never utilized - Focus to implement and make sure the funds are used for the cause.


a.) To get a list of the schemes formed by the government.

b.) Identify volunteers and make a team of people and allot each team to follow up on a particular scheme.

c.) Ensure that team follows up with the government and gets the proposed job done in the stipulated time.

d.) Suggest and recommend schemes to the government on issues which the government may have overlooked.

Volunteers: Local people of the state

7.) Women's Issues.


a.) Identify various organizations fighting for women’s rights.

b.) Identify volunteers and make a team of people and allot each team a particular agenda. For e.g. One team on dowry issues, One team on domestic violence, One team on female foeticide, One team on sexual discrimination, one team on eve teasing, etc…

c.) Ensure the team does a good job and brings the criminals to justice and protects and supports the victims.

d.) Get lawyers to volunteer to fight cases for free where they cannot afford it.

Volunteers: Local female students from the state

We would really appreciate your inputs and possible ways of contribution. Write to us at:

One Man, One Machine, One Mission - The Drive for Peace and Unity

The Mission

o Terror attacks in Bombay on 26th November 2008

o One Man took on a Mission to Unite the Country and fight Corruption, Injustice & Terrorism on 26th January 2009

o Aim 1 – Drive through 28 states of India and unite the people and motivate the youth to come together as one and do away with casteism, religious differences and regionalism and unite as one Nation

o Aim 2 – Thank the NSG Commandos who came to our rescue and also the Armed Forces for protecting our borders with their lives

The Support

o I approached Mr. Ratan Tata since Taj Hotel was attacked and Taj Group of Hotels became the hospitality partner

o Hyundai Motors India Ltd. felt it to be a noble cause and extended their support by taking care of the repair and servicing of my car in all their service centers across India free of cost

o The Armed forces made arrangements for my stay in Northeast India & J&K and other places where Taj was not present

o Many NGO’s welcomed me in each state and supported my Mission

o I spent my own money for fuel, but at some places people contributed by paying for a full tank of gas

o The Media supported me by carrying my message to the people in over 150 newspapers, 25 TV Channels and various Radio stations throughout India

The Challenge

o To drive all alone across 28 states of India and cover over 20,000 kms in 120 days

o To drive my 8 year old car – 2001 Hyundai Accent GLS – which had already done over 1,50,000 kms. To drive it through the toughest terrains like mountains, snow, etc. not having a 4WD

o To leave my family, friends and business behind and drive into disturbed areas like Northeast India & J&K where I had never been and knew nobody

o To co-ordinate my stay, handle my car problems, organize Armed Forces meetings, press meets, NGO meets and gather the youth all alone with no help

The Journey

o Started on 26th January 2009 from The Gateway of India

o Set out to cover the periphery of India

o Bombay to Goa along the West coast down to Kanyakumari, up the East coast to West Bengal, entered Northeast from Sikkim, covered all 8 Northeastern states and reached J&K via UP, Bihar, Himachal. Stayed at the LOC and drove down to Wagah border, Delhi and returned to Bombay via Rajasthan & Gujarat

o Covered 28 states and 5 International borders of China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma & Pakistan

o Completed the drive on 23rd May 2009 at The Gateway of India, covering 20,400kms in 118 days

The Route

Bombay – Goa – Mangalore – Kochi – Kovalam - Kanyakumari – Madurai – Chennai – Bangalore – Mysore – Hyderabad – Vijaywada - Vishakapatnam – Bhubaneshwar – Calcutta – Siliguri (INDO – NEPAL BORDER) – Gangtok – Nathula (INDO - CHINA BORDER) – Phunshiling (INDO – BHUTAN BORDER) – Guwahati – Shillong – Chirapunjee (INDO - BANGLADESH BORDER) – Silchar – Agartala (INDO - BANGLADESH BORDER) – Aizawl – Dimapur – Kohima – Imphal – Moreh (INDO - BURMA BORDER) – Dimapur – Itanagar – Tezpur – Rangia – Siliguri – Patna – Lucknow – Kanpur – Bareily – Dehradun – Chandigarh – Solan – Simla – Dharamsala – Mcloedganj – Jammu – Srinagar – Tithwal (LOC – POK) – Srinagar – Jammu – Amritsar – Wagah Border (INDO – PAKISTAN BORDER) – Delhi – Agra – Gwalior – Jaipur – Delhi – Manesar – Jodhpur – Jasialmer – Barmer – Bhuj – Ahmedabad – Baroda – Surat - Bombay













Arunachal Pradesh






Tamil Nadu


Uttar Pradesh


Andhra Pradesh






Himachal Pradesh




Jammu & Kashmir


West Bengal














Madhya Pradesh









International Borders:

1. Nepal

2. China

3. Bhutan

4. Bangladesh

5. Myanmar (Burma)

6. Pakistan


o Covered 28 states and 20,400 kms in 118 days without a single breakdown

o Drove upto Nathula (Indo - China border) and back down – a steep climb of 14,500 feet above sea level with snow covered roads

o Covered hilly and mountainous roads of Northeast India

o Drove up 10,500 feet in snow to the LOC near Kargil in J&K at freezing temperatures of 20 degrees below zero

o Drove through deserts of Rajasthan at extremely hot temperatures of 50 degrees

o A regular 8 year old sedan did what is difficult even for a 4WD SUV. A true Achievement for Hyundai !!!

Felicitations by

o Governors of 5 Northeast states and 2 other states

o Chief of Army General Deepak Kapoor

o LOC commander Col. Arjun Segan and his unit securing the LOC – POK borders in Kashmir

o 51 SAG NSG commander Col. Sunil Sheoran and his team who came for the rescue operation to Bombay

o Commanding officers of various army units alongwith their jawans

o Various NGO’s across 28 states

o Various student Unions and Universities

o Bureaucrats, Leaders, Social workers, Businessmen, etc…from across India

o Limca Book of Records to enter this achievement in their 2010 edition

United Force of India

o Formed an Organization “UNITED FORCE OF INDIA”, an NGO to be launched on 26th August 2009 across the 28 states of India

o Provogue India to sponsor the launch and make shirts / T-shirts / caps for UFI which will be available on sale at its retail outlets across India and percentage of the sale proceeds to be given to the organization

o UFI to bring the people of 28 states together on one platform and fight corruption, injustice & terrorism amongst its other agendas and to unite our Country

Value your Support

Join us make a better India……………